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Water resources management

This resource is a vital requirement for all types of activities in our company. Our facilities are outside the coverage of a municipal aqueduct and sewage network, because of that, the mine requires the use of surface water currents such as rivers and streams to supply the water demand for domestic activities such as food preparation and personal hygiene.
For industrial-type tasks, such as the washing of productive material and drilling work, the mine water recirculation project was recently launched. This way, we reduce the water pressure on our catchments.Para las labores de tipo industrial, como el lavado de material productivo y trabajos de perforación, recientemente se puso en marcha el proyecto de recirculación del agua proveniente de mina. De esta manera, reducimos la presión hídrica sobre nuestras captaciones.

From the total water used in our operations, only 17.52% corresponds to the resource captured on the surface, the rest is part of the recirculation process of water from the mine.
Thanks to the measures established within the Program for the Efficient Use and Saving of Water, we have managed to reduce the monthly consumption of surface water per person by 48% in 3 years, going from 12.5 cubic meters in January 2019 to 6.5 in December 2021.

It is our responsibility to guarantee the supply of water for the development of the mining operation, as well as its treatment and subsequent dumping, understanding that is not only a function of the liquid waste generated at domestic level, but also that derived from industrial use.


It is a space equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for measuring the quality of water resources, achieving a high degree of reliability in the results, drinking and industrial water parameters; obtaining a fundamental database for decision making and correction of water purification and treatment processes.