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Inside the heart of the Earth

1.162.863,67 carats in 2021

15.000 meters of core drilling

merald extracted by core drilling.

The integration of elements and processes that range from geological mapping of fronts to coring drilling, have allowed the construction of a reliable geological model, in which the zone of productive interest has been defined, which is the basis for the planning and exploitation of the emerald deposit. From this, it has been possible to identify and define the main features and characteristics of the veins and diamond drilling campaigns have been designed focused on determining the continuity of the area of productive interest and improving the reliability of the blocks to be mined.

For the second half of 2022, we have planned to execute 6,000 meters of diamond drilling to ensure the success of mining in the short and medium term. With the integration of the mapping and drilling information, the geological model of the deposit has been built, which is continuously updated with the information generated from new drilling and geological surveys. In 25% of the perforations, samples of emerald material have been recovered, a fundamental basis for the guiding of the front findings.

Equipo junto a perforadora de alta tecnología