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Precise Planning

10+ kilometers of tunnels

rilling and planning inside de mine.

The Puerto Arturo mine has evolved from a low-precision topographical survey using compasses and tapes, to the acquisition and implementation of high-tech equipment that has been beneficial in the production processes. This equipment allows the production of mining processes with a high degree of precision, as the fundamental for the development of each of the procedure, allowing the planning and execution of each of the projections and designs proposed in an adequate manner.

Through the use of Topcon and Leica brands, the work has been graphed and modeled in specialized software that adequately represents the exploited areas and demarcates the short, medium and long term of the operation. In addition, the Puerto Arturo mine has photogrammetric desing through unmanned flights that allow surface identification of all road infrastructure, water sources, buildings, electrical infrastructure and geomorphology, which are important inputs for mining planning and geological interpretations.

Aerial sight of the mine.