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Connected through technology

3 Scoop trams
2 Articulated trucks
1 Backhoe
1 Bulldozer
1 Motor grader

10+ kilometers of optical fiber connection

Communications systems is always operating inside the mine.

The Puerto Arturo mine has an IP communication system that, through the installation of fiber optics throughout the different mining operations, allows real-time communication by telephone to the different extensions and facilities of the mine, both on the surface and below the Earth. This allows us to keep the lines of communication open between all personnel and possible eventualities without delay, improving response times in the execution of activities underground.

Through this technology, it is also possible to load information from geological mapping in real time and load databases automatically, which allows a quick and precise gathering of the information collected to later be processed by specialized software such as Macromine, Datamine and AutoCAD. In addition to the drilling data, it is also possible to create three-dimensional models of the mineralized bodies, which are the starting point for mine planning and simulations of different advance and production scenarios.

work done in the mine
Equipment used inside the mine.

The Puerto Arturo mine has low-load scooptrams and Mini Dumpers of different capacities, created and designed specifically for mining that, due to their size, generate great benefits and versatility for the project, improving productivity and providing safety to workers.