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Muzo Foundation


We promote human development through creative and innovative academic training strategies that build new generations of progress for the region, from early childhood to higher education. For this reason, we have educational projects among which stand out the delivery of school kits, uniforms and scholarships for higher education. Additionally, we have artistic training schools for children of all ages in our area of influence.

Food safety and productive projects:
We seek to contribute to the eradication of hunger and promote productive alternatives that generate sustainable development in the region. Thus, we promote the implementation of self-sufficient productive alternatives that enable economic growth of the inhabitants, such as cocoa harvests and Family Farms, in which the feminine contribution stands out.

Institutional strengthening and leadership:
We strengthen local organizations for the creation and management of initiatives for the benefit of their communities, fostering leadership in favor of promoting the social economy, solidarity and local development. We facilitate the consolidation of Community Action Boards in the area through training, support and projects that promote their management and those who influence the transformation of their territory. We work to train the new generations to be active leaders and responsible citizens, managers of their future and that of their community.

We provide the mining sector community with timely and adequate access to quality health services. Through the financing and adaptation of health infrastructure and medical personnel, we combat the great obstacles faced by communities in the mining sector that have increased with the occurrence of the pandemic. We work to combat the hunger of the rural population, through initiatives that guarantee easy and quick access to food. Currently, we have a community canteen for elders that benefits more than two hundred (+200) former informal miners who live in the region.