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A well-done mining
Exterior of the Puerto Arturo mine.

Esmeraldas Mining Services (EMS), is a Colombian company in charge of the exploration and exploitation of the mining titles granted to Puerto Arturo S.A.S. Founded in mid-2009 as Minería Texas Colombia, MTC, we began operations on November 17 of that year when we took control of the Puerto Arturo mine in Muzo, Western Boyaca. Since then, we have been the flagship of The Muzo Companies Colombia in its first decade. In mid-2018, MTC was divided into two companies which are: Esmeraldas Mining Services, EMS, and Colombian Shared Services, CSS.

Currently, we have about a thousand direct employees, mostly inhabitants of the region, making us the largest employer in Western Boyaca. We are also pioneers of inclusion of women in emerald mining within the mining operation on different mining-related tasks. We perform with an underground exploitation that is different from other methods of mining. We use processes that involve high standards combined with traditional techniques of extraction to take care of the stone at all times, reducing the use of explosives and generating a minimum environmental impact.

Woman inside the Puerto Arturo mine.
The safety and wellbeing of our employees is our main priority.

For us, the implementation of modern and technical methods for emerald mining is a priority. This has allowed us to improve the production process and the productivity of the mining operation with greater safety and health at work, the reduction of environmental impacts and the consolidation of sustainable and responsible mining. This process allows us to position the company as one of the best in the worldwide  emerald extraction, a fact that let us to be recognized by the Mining Compass ranking, in 2019, as one of the ten best mining companies in Colombia.


We are a company dedicated to the exploration of minerals in Colombia, which is the initial stage within the unique business model of Mine to Market, whose operation is carried out under international standards, using state-of-the-art technology and trained personnel to achieve high levels of quality in our processes, products and services.

We guarantee the satisfaction and benefit of our stakeholders, generating knowledge within the parameters of corporate social responsibility.



To be national leaders in the mining industry and an international business model, recognized for the standardization of processes, responsible environmental management, commitment to the continuous development of its human resources and the well-being of its environment.

We are committed with the continuous improvement of our workforce.