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Safety in the depths

JD Ramp:

900+ lineal tunnel

HSE team supervising the ramp.

The Puerto Arturo mine has an advanced mining tunnel that connects the surface with a series of levels arranged at different depths. This construction has been possible thanks to the implementation of different support systems used throughout the world, where, depending on the type of rock, the most suitable one is selected to maintain high safety standards, optimization of inputs and a section wide enough to the entry of robust machinery for loading and transporting the material that is extracted there.

The JD Ramp is one of the most important structures of the Puerto Arturo mine. In addition to communicating different levels and allowing the entry of personnel, machinery and supplies to different points of the mine, it also allows the entry of fresh air to each of the fronts, completing the ventilation circuit that allows work in the depth of the mine operation and, by interconnecting the levels, it is a robust evacuation route that guarantees the safety and integrity of all workers in possible occurrences.

entilation system at the mine.
main entrance to the JD Ramp.

We plan to continue deepening this ramp with 2,000 linear meters of Ramps and new accesses. Our objective is to generate new exploitation fronts in deeper areas that are difficult to access within the mining title and thus be able to achieve an increase in reserves that prolongs the useful life of the mining project.